Beacon Sag Harbor

Beacon Sag Harbor

8 West Water Street
Sag Harbor
Sag Harbor

The Beacon Sag Harbor is among our favorite restaurants in the Hamptons.  The second you get there, you’re greeted by gorgeous (if young) maitre d’s, given shades (we may or may not have several of these), and can order great drinks and chill on the outdoor deck.  The scenary is fantastic - as is the view from the outside (ba-dum-DUM). But seriously, since it’s on the water your crew will treated to a killer sunset. But you’ve still yet to get to the best part - the mouth watering food. Top notch. Look up from your plate and you guys might notice fun, attractive ladies hanging at the bar for you and your bachelor party to hit on. Try using some tact and dress the part as there is some sophistication here - tuxedo shirts are highly discouraged.

Venue Tip: 

Request a table outdoors or by the window to admire the view. You might as well take advantage of the location.

The Good: 
The food rocks, the sunset view rules, the staff is quite nice (to look at too).. it’s quite hard to go wrong.
The Bad: 
It’s not that big so there can be a long wait. Plus it’s on the nicer side so you can’t be too too loud.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes

Reservations needed?: Yes, very long waits otherwise.

Attire: Collared shirts and pants encouraged but you could get away with most outfits.

Best dish(es): It's a close race between the Pork Belly and Lobster Rigatoni.

Nearby: Murf's (dive bar)