341 Pantigo Rd
East Hampton
East Hampton
(631) 527-5388

Moby’s owners are lovable Australians, so you know they’re fun and friendly (with a good accent). And they’ll certainly be great at striking gold by creating a fun atmosphere with excellent drinks.

That defines Moby’s, where you’ll find a good crowd composed of fun, cool and pretty people it is the Hamptons!).  It’s more chill than the craziness of Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyers, or even their previous venue Moby Dick’s (or as some preferred: Moby’s Dick)… likely due to its being in East Hampton and earlier hours (it closes at ??).

So when your bachelor party is ready for quality drinks in a slightly sophisticated spot with heaps of heavenly honeys, enjoy Moby’s.

Venue Tip: 

Post up in the back tent near the bar. It’s a little tight up front at the bar, but expands in back under a tent, and also has a massive backyard where you can venture looking for your prey.

The Good: 
Tasty drinks and talent galore.
The Bad: 
They do have food, which is decent, but its pizza and salads that are overpriced so we just stick to the drinks (lots of them) which are fantastic. Hence why we listed this under Bars and not Restaurants!
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$

Reservations needed?: if you're going to eat, but we recommend the bar so no.

Bachelor10 Drink of choice: Dark & Stormy (with home-made ginger beer)

Vibe: Classy-ish.  Think upscale beach bar without the beach.

Best nights: Saturday night (Fridays work too!)

Nearby:  Talkhouse (good young bar with live music), Meeting House (nearly high end quality dinner), La Fondita (cheap Mexican)