161 2nd House Rd
(631) 668-2877

Tucked back from the road, Ruschmeyer’s is a spot well-suited to your bachelor party. It is split into several adjacent sections, each it's own fun vibe. The restaurant to the left serves up surprisingly good (and nearly high end) grub focused on seafood.  The bar in the middle is a great place to relax and talk to some ladies.  In back is a terrific patio to get some fresh air and chill with picnic tables (it’s just missing the music).  And to the right are a couple of rooms where the magic happens:  a target-rich environment of girls getting their drink and dance on.

So get ready to have some fun and feel the ‘rush.’

Venue Tip: 

Eat here as the food is surprisingly good (and you can avoid the line post 9:30pm).

The Good: 
Pretty much anything you’d want in your Hamptons bar – ladies looking to meet you and your bachelor party crew with a place to open and close, and several sections for when you strike out and need to move on.
The Bad: 
The line is occasionally untenable and tough to gauge/pass.
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Price: $$$

Reservations needed?: Only if you’re eating.  Otherwise, just get there at a reasonable hour to ensure you don’t wait too long.

Attire:  It’s a bar so you can get away with shorts.

Bachelor10 Drink of choice:  Start with a nicer cocktail, end with shots; that dance floor gets too crowded and you’ll be busy with the ladies (hopefully).

Vibe: Melting pot-like mish mash of all types.

Best day: Saturday night after Surf Lodge.

Nearby: Surf Lodge, Memory Motel, Sloppy Tuna, Hideaway (great Mexican/BBQ dive), Swallow East (good restaurant on water with live music)