Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

35 Rocky Shore Road
Shelter Island
Shelter Island
(631) 749-2001

Sunset Beach is a great spot for so many reasons. First, to get there the bachelor party will have to take a cool ferry ride (with or without your car)... that's right, YOU'RE ON A BOAT! Once you get there, some of you may notice the lovely sunset, but all of you will notice the place is generally teeming with hot euro clientele.  The drinks and food, leaning seafood, are even solid.  Plus for those guys who need a little more ‘action’ they have two ping pong tables so feel free to get your competition on, perhaps even get a drinking game of Beirut or pong going.

Sunset Beach, when you want to feel like you’re in Mykonos on the edge of the Hamptons.

Venue Tip: 

Designate a driver as the ferry makes this one a little expensive in a cab.

The Good: 
Sunsets, pong, euro girls, oh my!
The Bad: 
It takes a while to get there and is a little pricey.
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Price: $$$$

Reservations needed?: For a table, it’s not a bad idea.

Attire:  Euro style.  Shorts, flops, and a white linen shirt with shades (for the sunset, not night time!).

Bachelor10 Drink of choice: Corona with lime because this place just feels like a beer commercial.

Vibe: Bar in Greece that you had to drive to.

Best day: Sunday late afternoon / early eve.

Nearby: Vine Street Cafe