Vine Street Cafe

Vine Street Cafe

41 S Ferry Rd
Shelter Island
Shelter Island
(631) 749-3210

Vine Street Cafe is one of the best restaurants in the area.  It’s a little ‘more’ than the other spots on our B10 list - more time to get there, more money to eat, and more upscale than most of you probably are.  However, when you’re ready to turn up the charm and class, and especially if you’ve found yourself on Shelter Island (VERY different than Shutter Island) - no doubt visiting Sunset Beach - then this is your spot.  Just note that it closes at 9pm on Sundays.

Vine Street is not just a seafood place as they’ve got great meat (that's what SHE said!), particularly the 22 oz. Chateaubriand steak for two..

If you’re a little older than the typical bachelor party (think cougars), have a little more cash or time on your hands, and want to have your best meal of the weekend, Vine it is.

Venue Tip: 

Get some awesome pictures on the ferry ride there/back, especially some good ones to send the ladies back home so it doesn’t seem like you’re galavanting around too much with the females.

The Good: 
Outstanding food and an even more impressive wine list.
The Bad: 
Decidedly not your party spot, but a good change of pace.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes

Reservations needed?: Do it.

Attire: Classy (more than you).

Best dish(es): Indulge the chef and order the specials they take extra care to ensure are delicious and often over the top.  Or stick with the guy order - Chateaubriand, aka massive steak.

Nearby: Sunset Beach