Bare Pool Lounge

Bare Pool Lounge

3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Mirage Resort and Casino
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 791-7111
Located at one of the less “cool” hotels on the Strip (the Mirage), Bare Pool Lounge still brings plenty to the table for the bachelor party seeking a fun pool day. Like Liquid and Moorea, this is the place to go if you are looking to chill with your crew and get some drinks in you (and perhaps peep some topless tourists). Bare prides itself on being “exclusive and intimate” but all that really means is it is more difficult to get to and hidden by some palm trees. That being said, the locals and visitors that do stumble upon this gem are all usually looking to have a good time, like a bunch of deviants who all are sharing the same dirty secret. Just try not to stare…

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Venue Tip: 

Cabanas here are (relatively) less expensive than the options at some of the other pools so if you guys are looking to pool party on the cheaper side you can do so here.

The Good: 
A cheaper alternative to some of the ultra-pools plus it can actually be relaxing.
The Bad: 
The pool is absolutely tiny; it is meant more for dipping than swimming. Overall the space is so tight even the lounge chairs are pressed pretty close.
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Price: $$$

Hours: 10AM to 6PM, seven days a week

Best Feature: Pitchers of mojitos

Best Day: Saturday, when the dancers come to relax.