Bowling at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Bowling at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

4000 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas
Spring Valley
(702) 365-7400
Looking for a low-impact, high-alcohol way to kill the daytime hours? Bowling is your answer (assuming the pools are closed). The Gold Coast is close enough to the Strip to make it easy to get to and the price is right (i.e. cheap), offsetting the damage you’ll do the other 40 hours you’re in town. You can lock down a lane for a few hours, have a few beers and a few laughs with the bachelor party, recharging for the night to come. Of course, 10 pitchers in and recharge might not be the right word but when in Rome...

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Venue Tip: 

After spending a few hours on the lanes you’ll be sure to work up an appetite (jocks that you are). Ping Pang Pong (ignore the name) in the Gold Coast is widely regarded as the best dim sum in town.

The Good: 
Cheap and fun, this is a great way to spend the daytime and maintain your buzz.
The Bad: 
The Gold Coast isn’t the sexiest place in Vegas. Try not to let the slot jockeys and degenerates destroy your buzz.
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Reservations: Not required but not a bad idea.

Price: $55 per lane gets you 2 hours of bowling plus shoes and one large pizza. 

Drinking? Cute question.

Hangover Friendly? Again, cute question.