Dig This!

Dig This!

3012 S Rancho Dr
Las Vegas
(702) 222-4344
Listen: Anybody can say they went to Vegas and got drunk at Tao Beach; not everybody can say they went to Vegas and picked up a basketball with an Excavator. Take the bachelor party west (meaning west of the Strip) and spend the day living out some childhood fantasies (the clean ones, not the ones about Cindy Crawford) at Dig This! You have the choice of running a bulldozer or an excavator (the thing with the big claw on the end) and trust us, it is much, much more fun than you think. Once the bachelor is in the cab, operating a 70 ton vehicle, he’ll forget all about the flowers he has to pick out for the wedding.

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Venue Tip: 

Opt for the Excavator. You get to dig a big hole, move and stack some large tires from one end of your sandbox to the other, and even play some excavator basketball. Trust us, it’s awesome.

The Good: 
They have remote shutoffs, so there is no need to worry about the Bachelor panicking at the last second and making a run for it.
The Bad: 
It’s not exactly booze and bikinis so there may be some dissension.
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Reservations: It’s popular so highly recommended.

Price: $$$

Drinking? Given that you have to pass a breathalyzer to operate the machines, we’d say no.

Hangover Friendly? You’ll have to concentrate a lot but the cabs have AC and once your adrenaline kicks in you’ll forgot about your nausea