Drai’s Afterhours

Drai’s Afterhours

The Cromwell
3595 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 777-3777
Much as you don't want to believe it, the clubs in Vegas actually shut down around 4AM, meaning you've got another six hours to make some bad decisions before your hellish flight home. For that, there's Drai's, a Vegas institution of excess now located in the cool kid The Cromwell. Drai's opens at 1AM and closes long after you've gone to bed. So belly up to the bar, grab a table with your boys, or make your way to the dance floor - just don't be shocked when you walk out a few hours later to the blazing sun and people heading to work. Don't worry, they've seen it before.

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Venue Tip: 

Roughly everybody else in Vegas has the same idea as you when the clubs close so the key is to leave for Drai's before they do. Head over between 2am and 3am.

The Good: 
Sinking to this level of debauchery always leads to a few Vegas stories. Don’t be the guy who went to bed early and missed the great Drai’s night.
The Bad: 
Little known fact: Drai’s is the number one cause of missed airplane flights out of Las Vegas. Don’t become a statistic - plan accordingly.
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Price: $$$ 

Outdoor seating: No

Industry Night: Sunday

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

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