Drai’s Beach Club

Drai’s Beach Club

3595 S Las Vegas Blvd
The Cromwell
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 777-3800

Having conquered the 4AM to 10AM scene in Las Vegas, clubmaster Victor Drai has now set his sights on the daylight hours with Drai’s Beach Club. Sitting atop The Cromwell hotel like a glittery plastic diamond atop a drunk bachelorette’s two-dollar tiara, Drai’s brings a new tropical vibe to the dayclub scene (there are even palm trees where you may be able to catch some shade!) while keeping the important things, like waitresses in bikinis and overpriced bottles of Absolut. And since it transitions to a nightclub at 6PM your bachelor party won’t have to go very far to keep the shenanigans rolling!

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Venue Tip: 

All bungalows and cabanas have a private restroom with shower. While this may seem like a simple amenity while you sit on your couch at home please note that this is a game-changer when you are drunk on a Saturday at a pool in Vegas.

The Good: 
The vibe is a bit chiller than most dayclubs. Since The Cromwell is a smaller hotel you may have to deal with less of a crowd. The Drai's Lemonade is a fantastic way to get drunk and stay cool.
The Bad: 
It is the only pool at The Cromwell so expect some angry tourists and disappointed kids during non-Dayclub hours. Also, the bar area is a bit small which can produce long lines.
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Price: $$$

Hours: Dayclub is Friday through Sunday, 11AM to 6PM; Rooftop Pool (mellow pool versus club) Monday through Thursday, 11AM to 6PM

Best Feature: The view - being a rooftop pool means Drai’s boasts insane 360 degree views that may even distract you from the talent at hand.

Best Day: Saturday