The Gun Store

The Gun Store

2900 E Tropicana
Las Vegas
(702) 454-1110
There’s a lot you might do at a bachelor party that you may never do anywhere else: play $100 a hand blackjack, visit the champagne room, bury a body in the desert. Why not add fire a machine gun to that list? With choices ranging from 1911 pistols to M16s to an M249 SAW, there’s something for everybody here from WWII re-creationists to Call of Duty fans. Just make sure there’s no lingering animosity from the night prior before you give the Bachelor a loaded weapon.

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Venue Tip: 

If the bachelor party is flush with cash, spring for the VIP package. You get your own private range and complimentary drinks, an amazing option before you decide to fire off some rounds from the M249 SAW, the AK47 and the MP5.

The Good: 
Bachelor parties are manly activities and what could be more manly than shooting guns? Plus you can all bring pictures of the Bachelor’s ex that you all hate and blast it to smithereens.
The Bad: 
If the bachelor party is in bad shape from the night before, then shooting off machines guns might be a tough activity. Maybe the spa instead?
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Reservations: Nope, unless you plan to use the VIP range. 

Price: $100 for the Gun Store package. Oh, and grab a visitors guide from the back of a cab for a $5 off coupon.

Drinking? Only if you have the VIP range or are sketchy enough to sneak a flask into a shooting range.

Hangover Friendly? Depends on how bad your shakes are.