3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Mirage Resort and Casino
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 792-7900

At this point JET kind of feels like Season 3 of the Jersey Shore: cheesy, predictable, a little past its prime, yet somewhat comforting. The place is basically a rectangle around a stage with stripper poles in the center - catnip for slightly heavy girls working on the self-esteem - and VIP tables overseeing it all. Located in the Mirage - a place you’ll never visit unless you guys like Volcanoes or White Tigers - Jet manages to be fun... all while you mock it (like Snooki).

Venue Tip: 

The stage is a great place to audition the Bottle Feeders you’ll be having over. Watch from your table and then send the Host to invite the girls with the biggest daddy-issues on the pole to share a drink with a you and the bachelor party.

The Good: 
Because it’s a little past its prime, getting in without a table is not as much of a hassle. You’ll still get your fix of drunk girls in short skirts, just maybe not the A-Team you’ll find at the other clubs.
The Bad: 
Narrow walkways and a crowded bar means you’ll be pressed up tight against other dudes a few more times than you feel comfortable with here.
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Price: $$$

Outdoor seating: No

Industry Night: Monday

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes