Las Vegas Premier Paintball

Las Vegas Premier Paintball

1400 N Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas
(702) 574-2066
Sometimes spending a few days drinking, staying up late, and losing money/self-respect is bound to drive up some tension in the bachelor party. The best way to ease that tension - beyond more drinking and gambling obviously - is shooting each other repeatedly with painful pellets of paint. Head to Las Vegas Premier Paintball - three fields of intense, nerd-tastic faux warfare. Request the opportunity to play each other, otherwise you’ll match up against “pros” who take this “sport” way too seriously because they broke their XBox 360 when the new Halo wouldn’t work. Just make sure you let the Bachelor win - or team up and destroy his wife-lovin’ ass.

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Venue Tip: 

Split the teams according to whatever makes sense (home friends vs. school friends, coke-heads vs. alcoholics, Jets vs. Sharks), lay down some legit bets (losers buy dinner and dances, shots for every time you get shot, first to faint from the heat walks home), and proceed to take this activity WAY too seriously.

The Good: 
Premier is quite good at catering to groups. You’ll have your own private world in which to wage war on one another.
The Bad: 
Keep in mind you’ll be running around in the Vegas heat wearing a jumpsuit and a helmet. You guys might want to hydrate a little.
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Reservations: Yeah. It’ll get you reserved seating, closed / private games, and a dedicated referee.

Price: $50 for Private Party rate (eight player minimum)

Drinking? Probably best to hold off until after. You know, because of the high-powered guns and heat stroke.

Hangover Friendly? The adrenaline rush is offset by the severe spike in core body temperature.