3900 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 262-4529
LAX is kind of what you expect from a club located in a casino shaped like a pyramid that has featured a Criss Angel Cirque du Soleil show and whose main celebrity is a ‘roided out Carrot Top. But if you go in knowing what to expect this nightclub can still be a raging good time. Sure it’s a little ragged around the edges - kind of like its crowd - but it still has the vibe of a place that is just looking to have fun and get loose. With VIP tables on the dance-floor level - which gets insanely packed - as well as overlooking it, your bachelor party will have plenty of places to choose to set up camp and work your magic.

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Venue Tip: 

Tucked away inside LAX with elevator access guarded by security (also via a back door entrance on the Mandalay Place valet side of Luxor) is a smaller, exclusive lounge called Noir Bar. Make a reservation (bribing security usually won’t work) to gain access to this gem and hopefully you’ll be rubbing elbows with the likes of Angel and Top in no time.

The Good: 
Because it’s a little past its prime, getting in without a table is not as much of a hassle. You’ll still get your fix of drunk girls in short skirts, just maybe not the A-Team you’ll find at the other clubs.
The Bad: 
Narrow walkways and a crowded bar funnel everybody onto an overcrowded dance floor. After a few drinks the exits can be impossible to find.
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Price: $$$

Outdoor seating: No

Industry Night: Wednesday

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes