Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

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Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

3950 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas
South Strip
(877) 632-7800

Sure there’s been bigger and more expensive additions to the Strip since it opened back in 1999 (which might as well be B.C.E. in this town), but the Bay has somehow remained relevant. A combination of its location, no-nonsense design and fantastical-without-being-cartoonish concept has ensured that this place still feels “solid” after all these years. Add the “newer”, all-suite THEhotel tower and the presence of a Four Seasons hotel, and it continues to be a great place for your party to stay – despite the fact that it’s at the dead end of the strip. Did we mention this place was featured in Ocean’s Thirteen? Sure, it would have been better had it been featured in one of the earlier sequels, before the franchise jumped the shark, but we’ll take it. Which brings us to the shark tank (nice one, right?): There’s nothing like walking through a tunnel surrounded by 1,300,000 shark-infested gallons of water – tipsy. Tell the Bachelor to stop making faces at the hammerhead.

Venue Tip: 

Get a room at THEhotel tower, connected by a walkway to the main Mandalay Bay casino. It’s the only Vegas hotel we’ve ever seen without slot machines; it’s still within stumbling distance of the action at the Bay, but a nice respite from the blinking lights.

The Good: 
While not the newest, the Bay’s is still among the best sports books on the Strip. Free top- (okay, mid-) shelf cocktails and the comfiest seats around.
The Bad: 
The Bay is the dead last casino on the southern end of the Strip. This is actually a nice plus when you arrive late on a Friday night, as it’s the closest to the airport, but it can be a hike to some of the better bars, clubs and attractions.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$

Clubs/bars on premises: EDM warehouse LIGHT is pure insanity.And joints like Mix, the Foundation Room, and the House of Blues can all rock in their own way.

Best Feature: Their sports book remains one of the best on the Strip.

Pool scene?: Their ultra pool, DAYLIGHT, is heavy on the DJs and D-cups while the main 11-acre tropical lagoon and a 1.6 million-gallon wave pool with a sand-and-surf beach are more of a family-friendly scene (though the wave thing is awesome). Head up to the Moorea Beach Club for a more singles-type vibe (once topless; alas, *sigh*, no longer).

Nearby Eats: Stripsteak, Aureole, Alain Ducasse Mix, Charlie Palmer Steak, Fleur, Red Square, RM Seafood, Shanghai Lilly, Border Grill Las Vegas, Burger Bar