The Palazzo

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The Palazzo

3225 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas
Central Strip
(702) 607-7777

The Palazzo is the cooler, classier sister of the Venetian, though visitors to it can still sample the goodies of big sis. So what if the Palazzo lacks a fake canal with campy gondolas? The Venetian is merely a short-drunken-jaunt-through-the-shopping-mall or perilous trip through the casino away, so your party can get the best of both. And what the Palazzo lacks in gondolas it makes up for in newer, more spacious rooms, a classier casino, and 100% fewer blue men. The all-suite accommodations are some of the bigger ones offered in this town; even the basic room will get you a sunken living room so you can pretend you’re Jeremy Piven in Smoking Aces – except without all the hookers (we suggest). With access to the pool scenes at both the Palazzo and the Venetian, the Bachelor will hopefully be able to control his desire to dive in the canal.

Venue Tip: 

Hit some of the lower-rent nearby casinos nearby for day gambling (Casino Royale, Imperial Palace). You won’t get rich at a $5 table, but you can put that hard-saved cash toward more important things later in the eve, i.e., booze and girls.

The Good: 
Since it links to the Venetian you get to experience the best of both worlds. That includes 30+ restaurants, two huge casinos, two huge nightclubs, a slew of bars, and enough drunken chicks in high-heels for two hotels.
The Bad: 
At the extreme North end of the Strip, the only real destination north of here is the Wynn. So if you’re partying/gambling further South, keep in mind you may want to save that last $20 pot for a cab ride back.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$

Clubs/bars on premises: LAVO, TAO Nightclub (located in the Venetian), Salute Dueling Pianos Lounge, V Bar (located in the Venetian)

Best Feature: Lagasse’s Stadium. A huge sports bar and sports book that combines Emeril Lagasse's cuisine with more than 100 HD TVs, luxury boxes, stadium-style seating, and a sports book.

Pool scene?: AZURE, the Palazzo's "Daytime Luxury Pool Experience" is free of charge to Palazzo guests, who also have access to the pool at the Venetian. During the summer months from 10 a.m. to sunset, the TAO Nightclub hosts TAO Beach.

Nearby Eats: Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s Carnevino, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, SUSHISAMBA, and FIRST Food & Bar