Palms Pool

Palms Pool

4321 W Flamingo Rd
The Palms
Las Vegas
Off Strip
(702) 942-7777
The pool at the Palms is everything you expect from a casino hotel made famous by MTV’s the Real World and DJ Pauly D: it’s young, fun, and stupid. Two acres of swimming pools gives your bachelor party crew plenty of space to party in the water if you want to pass on the uber-expensive cabanas. And three separate bars mean you will have enough social lubricant to talk to the enhanced ladies bouncing in the water next to you.

When you need a time-out from the beats head over to the Palms Place Pool, an amazing 50,000-square-foot pool located on the 6th floor of the adjoining property. Just expect a mellower overall experience (which, in Vegas, is relative).

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Venue Tip: 

Need a break from the madness – and the bachelor’s nerdy new brother-in-law to-be? Hide at The Glass Bar – located under an elevated, glass bottomed deck pool. It provides cool comfort for guests above, while providing unique scenery for bar patrons below.

The Good: 
The pool is bigger than most in Vegas so you can cool off without rubbing up against the other bros. It can be less hectic than most, except on Ditch Fridays.
The Bad: 
Like we mentioned above, the Palms can attract a younger, and dumber, crowd. That may be good when chatting up a blonde from LA – but not so much when her ‘roided up boyfriend comes back from the bathroom.
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Price: $$

Hours: 9AM to 6PM, seven days a week

Best Feature: The Glass Bar

Best Day: Friday, aka Ditch Fridays