The Palomino Club

The Palomino Club

1848 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas
North Vegas
(702) 642-2984

The Palomino is the only all-nude club in Vegas that serves alcohol -- one of two distinctions that sets the club apart from its competition (the other being the on-site teleportation to your hotel.... Nah, the other is the all-nudity). The site was grandfathered in when county cronies decided that beer and bare weren't a good mix. This, of course, gives the classic Vegas club a clear advantage in the naked business arena -- one it takes full advantage of with healthy prices on all things liquid.

The club has an old Vegas feel, including its oversized main stage on the first floor, its overuse of maroon as an interior design element and the constant fear of being part of a mob hit. There's a bar upstairs along with a more traditional strip club setting and if you've summoned a lady, she'll walk you up the red-carpeted stairs for your lap treatment. The Palomino Club also offers what they call the Lipstick Lounge, a private room upstairs with its own private stage, private bar, cocktail waitress and private dancers.

Sometime old school isn’t too bad.

Venue Tip: 

Make sure you get a cabby’s phone number for the ride home. It ain’t in the best part of town and hailing cabs from here can be impossible.

The Good: 
Well, it’s all nude and it has a liquor license, so there’s that.
The Bad: 
North Las Vegas is neither convenient nor inviting. Don’t wander far.
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Cover: $30

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Hours: Open 7 days a week from 4PM to 5AM

Dinner First: Golden Steer, THE Steak House at Circus Circus, Lotus of Siam