Pole Position

Pole Position

4175 South Arville
Las Vegas
Spring Valley
(702) 227-7223
You’re hung over. You’re tired. You smell like Red Bull and stripper baby powder. You could recharge your batteries by lying in your room, or you could do it by whipping around a race track at 45mph in a go-kart. Located just minutes off the Strip (across from Palms Place), at Pole Position you can be running your buddies into the wall in no time, finally paying them back for getting you that lap dance from the chick you thought was the bouncer. Just remember: brake going into the turn and accelerate coming out. Now make us proud!

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Venue Tip: 

Go for the three race Grand Prix. You’ll spend the first race practicing; the second one is a Qualifier; for the Main Event you’ll line up on the track in position and first to cross the finish line wins.

The Good: 
These things fly around the track. You’ll be hard-pressed to contain your laughter when you put the Bachelor into the wall at Turn One.
The Bad: 
They can be a bit tough on the rubbing (but don’t they know, rubbing’s racing?) so keep the paint-trading for when you are farthest from the Staff; the back straightaway is a good spot.
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Reservations: In order to get a track with just the bachelor party, yes.

Price: The Grand Prix is $75 a man.

Drinking? Not on site, though we knew a guy who knew a guy who snuck beers into the private room. And you can always shotgun a few in the parking lot.  But you are driving motor vehicles, so why not be safe and save it for later.

Hangover Friendly? Not at first, especially when you put on the head-sock and helmet. But once you hit that gas it all goes away.