Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino

3344 South Highland Drive
Las Vegas
(702) 796-3600

“Variety is the spice of life.” We’re not sure who he is, but William Cowper could’ve easily been talking about the Spearmint Rhino when he came up with that little gem. On a typical weekend night, over 300 women show up to this wonderful establishment, meaning if the Bachelor wants a six-foot tall Asian girl with blonde hair and a German accent he may just have to be more specific. And there are plenty of party options depending on your crew, from pulling up comfortable chairs to the stage to securing a table with bottle service to locking down a private room with your own dancers. A great bachelor party spot with something for everyone, the Spearmint Rhino never disappoints.

Venue Tip: 

With a decent-sized group it pays to call ahead and lock down a VIP table and bottle service. You’ll have a solid home base, a magnet for the ladies, and a place to catch your breath when you need a break from the madness. And call ahead to negotiate a two-for-one bottle deal.

The Good: 
The sheer number of women who work at the Rhino will blow your mind. And since they pull in the best talent in Vegas, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to the Rhino.
The Bad: 
Being the most popular has its downfalls - the main one being that it gets PACKED on the weekend. Without a table you’ll be struggling for a place all of you can hang.
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Cover: $30; free for locals and limo passengers.

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 12AM to 12AM (that means 24/7)

Dinner First: N9NE, CUT, SW Steakhouse