Sun Buggy Fun Rentals

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals

6925 Speedway Blvd
Las Vegas
North Las Vegas
Dune Buggies are like Clydesdales or well-adjusted strippers: everybody knows what one is but nobody seems to have even seen one up close, much less ridden one. Knock that off your bucket list at Sun Buggy. A great way to get the party off The Strip and into a situation where your have to sign a Death or Dismemberment waiver, Sun Buggy lets you careen through the sand dunes of Nevada in one or two person dune buggies. Either a tour or a race, whatever you choose will most certainly leave your crew laughing the rest of the trip, even as you continue to find sand in awkward and uncomfortable places.

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Venue Tip: 

Go for The Vegas Mini Baja Chase, voted "Sin City's Best Near Death Experience!" by Rolling Stone Magazine (and they know: Hunter Thompson wrote for them according to that Johnny Depp movie). A 30-minute race through the Vegas Dunes, the Baja Chase is the perfect way to get your blood flowing, sweat out the toxins from last night, and almost die.

The Good: 
This is one of the those singular experiences your bachelor party will be talking about for years, annoying the hell out of everybody that didn’t go.
The Bad: 
It’s not exactly close and once you’re out there, you’re in the middle of the desert. Don’t piss off the guides...
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Reservations: Yes. They’ll even send a shuttle for your bachelor party.

Price: Ride a one-seater in the Mini Baja for $199 per person.

Drinking? Pretty hard to do unless you’re riding shotgun. Even then...

Hangover Friendly? You’ll feel better fast in one of these buggies. But still, you might want to chug some gatorade before you get out there.