Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse

2801 Westwood Drive
Las Vegas
Rancho Oakey
(702) 257-3030
Sometimes combinations are so obvious you can’t believe they never existed before. Peanut butter and chocolate. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream. A grizzled cop about to retire and a rookie on his first day of the job. Steak and strippers. At Treasures you get it all (provided they are showing Lethal Weapon on the flatscreen). On one side it is a plush, opulent steakhouse; on the other, a pulsating gentlemen’s club. Marking an efficiency rarely seen at bachelor parties, you can first get stuffed on surprisingly good food before wandering over to the club to enjoy the surprisingly friendly dancers. And ask for Reeses - she’s delicious.

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Venue Tip: 

Rather than take an expensive cab and deal with the $30 cover, call their limo service to arrive in style: 702-259-GIRL. Also, for $100 a man you can get transportation from any hotel on the strip or downtown, VIP Admission, a 2 hour open bar (includes premium drinks) and a VIP Table.

The Good: 
For a restaurant in a gentleman's club the food shockingly good. You’ll get a cut of meat that’s worth the price. Oh, and there’s naked chicks right there.
The Bad: 
Do not take the hostess up on her offer of sending some girls to your table to enjoy your meal with you. You don’t need some 33 year-old mother of two who looks much better in 50% light sitting on your lap, eating your filet and complaining how she’s behind on her car payments.
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Price: $$$

Signature dish: The Lap Dance, but keep the bone in, buddy.

Vibe: Over-the-top opulence, like someone trying to compensate.

What’s next?: Um, the gentlemen’s club, jackass.