Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

200 Convention Center Dr
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 731-4768
Certain risks in Vegas make sense, like doubling on nine when the dealer shows a six. But others - like giving an escort your cell number - do not. Sky-diving sounds fun but do you guys really want to jump out of a plane with a guy who graduated from Las Vegas High School and didn’t leave town? Take the safer route with Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Using a Vertical Wind Tunnel, a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls, guests are able to simulate the free fall aspect of skydiving without the use of an airplane or parachute or, you know, death.  

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Venue Tip: 

Bachelor parties of 10 people or more have a discount.  Pay for 9 single flights and the 10th single flight (bachelor) is free.

The Good: 
It’s not too far from the Strip, especially if you are staying north at the Wynn or Palazzo so you can knock this out and still have time to nap.
The Bad: 
There’s a lot of not-skydiving time between training, putting on your outfit, waiting to go, etc.
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Reservations: Helpful and you can fill out the Group Request Form to save time.

Price: A single flight is $85 but group packages are available.

Drinking? “Flyers are prohibited from participating under the influence of drugs and alcohol.” No mention of just alcohol alone though...

Hangover Friendly? Sort of. It’s refreshing as hell but if you puke it’s only going one way.