Bay Area Skydiving

Bay Area Skydiving

6900 Falcon Way
East Bay
(925) 634-7575

Jumping out of an airplane at 18,000 feet may be just what the bachelor needs to get his head around this whole “marriage” thing. And there’s no experience necessary: all you need to do to qualify for a tandem dive is fill out some forms. Depending on the height of the drop (11, 13 or 18,000 ft), you’re going to pay somewhere $200 and $400 per person, but Bay Area skydiving offers discounts for groups of three or more. And for an additional fee you can have a videographer dive with you and immortalize the whole thing in digital video. Just what the bride-to-be needs: a video of the future father of her children flinging himself out of an airplane miles above the earth.

Venue Tip: 

Definitely spring for the videographer option; you’ll want to show it to the guys at the office on Monday (you can always edit out your schoolgirl screaming).

The Good: 
Pretty much the most badass thing you’ll ever do.
The Bad: 
Byron is an hour away from San Francisco. So, you have to be a pretty dedicated adrenaline junkie to haul yourself out there.
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Price: $$$$ 

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes.

Reservations Needed: Yes.

What to Bring: Goggles, jumpsuit, barf bag.