1450 Lombard St
(between Van Ness Ave & United States Highway 101)
San Francisco
Marina/Cow Hollow
(415) 441-8880

If you are a true steak connoisseur then you have made a pilgrimage to the Yankee Stadium of steak in Brooklyn, NY: Peter Luger. Amazingly, Bobo’s -- as it’s affectionately known -- procures their meat from the same place as Peter Luger’s (which we can only imagine is somewhere halfway between San Francisco and Heaven). Unfortunately, the interior designer did not approve of Luger’s beer hall decor, and painted Bobo’s an unsightly scarlet with the ambiance of Amsterdam’s Red Light district (minus the ever-so-accommodating hotties).  That said, you’re here to hang with your boys, drink some booze, and consume food fit for true red-blooded American carnivores. And the meat is damn good. So, bring your bachelor party to Bobo’s, close your eyes, and enjoy. The bachelor party just got a little tastier.

Venue Tip: 

Order the Bachelor a boborita, then laugh and enjoy his new nickname for the weekend.

The Good: 
The meat-- it’s fantastic. They also have complimentary valet parking but you probably shouldn’t be driving tonight.
The Bad: 
The decor-- it’s horrendous. And, by horrendous, we mean amazing for the stories you’ll have to tell your friends back home. Those wacky San Franciscans!
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Signature dish: Bone-in filet

Attire: Jeans

Needs Reservations: Yes

Alcohol: Full bar

What’s next?: Bloodhound (low-key, great for groups, excellent mixed drinks), Bin 38 (wine bar with girls), Circa (club atmosphere with girls not actually from San Francisco), Harry’s (late-night sports dive bar), MatrixFillmore