GoKart Racer Indoor Racing Center

GoKart Racer Indoor Racing Center

1541 Adrian Road
South Bay Penninsula
(650) 692-7223

Relive the childhood thrill of driving before you were 16. Heck, it’s even more fun for adults because there are no cops on the tracks here to stop you from giving the driver in front of you a little tap on the bumper while accelerating full throttle. Visitors have three tracks to choose from, including a 3/8 mile course with over 20 turns, two chicanes (whatever that means), and an elevation change-– all adding up to the the longest indoor go-kart track in the United States. We cannot confirm nor deny at this point whether they require a breathalyzer test before getting behind the wheel.

Venue Tip: 

A great group activity, GoKart is for those who can’t handle shot-for-shot at the bar but can at least go lap-for-lap. Bragging rights for the night go to whoever comes in first-- and the likelihood of the car exploding is considerably lower than NASCAR. Danica Patrick only shows up for a large fee, though.

The Good: 
Very close to the city, even closer to the airport. So if friends are coming in from out of town, it’s a worthwhile activity to kick off the weekend.
The Bad: 
Doesn’t go well with drinking. Then again, what’s the worst that could happen?
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Price: $$ 

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes.

Reservations Needed: No.

What to Bring: Driving gloves, ascot, jumpsuit, snacks (so you don't have to leave the car).