House of Prime Rib

House of Prime Rib

1906 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco
Nob Hill
(415) 885-4605

This place rules. The HOPR (pronounced “hopper”), as it’s affectionately known by regulars, was practically built with bachelor parties in mind.  First off, it’s underground-- upon entering just keep walking downstairs like you’re walking into another world.  Next, it’s old school-- dark wood and what is arguably the best ambiance of any restaurant in the city.  Impeccable service makes most other restaurants in SF seem like Denny’s by comparison. Plus, they slice the meat right in front of you. This is all topped off by fantastic drinks at the bar where it is wise to begin the festivities for the night.  And of course, excellent meat, though you better like prime rib because that’s your only option at the House of Prime Rib.

Venue Tip: 

Order a martini even if you don’t normally drink them. And if you love prime rib, you can get a complimentary second cut that’s thinly sliced and quite succulent, but you’ll probably be too stuffed to taste it.  

The Good: 
The prime rib and its various cuts, the salad is surprisingly awesome, sides are quite tasty (including the breads), and save some room for their famous Yorkshire Pudding.
The Bad: 
Your only option is prime rib (and perhaps fish) so don’t expect a rib eye. Hey, the place isn’t called “House of Red Meat.”
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Signature dish: King Henry cut

Attire: Dressy

Needs Reservations: Yes, no doubt

Alcohol: Full Bar

What’s next?: Royal Oak, Bullitt, Amelie, Hemlock Tavern, Lush Lounge