Presidio Bowl

Presidio Bowl

93 Moraga Avenue
San Francisco
(415) 561-2695

Presidio Bowl has a beer-and-wine selection that would be impressive even for a bar, much less for a bowling alley which normally tend to favor Millers over Racer 5 IPA or Fat Tire. And, what’s more fun than populating the scoring screen with embarrassing fake names for your bachelor party cohorts? We usually assign everyone either a 90210 character name or a member of the Wu Tang Clan, but of course this choice is entirely yours. The location is ideal as well: the Presidio is a 1500-acre national park that straddles the Golden Gate and is among the most beautiful land in any big city in the world. So there’s plenty of parking (a rarity in SF). Spend a relaxing evening rolling with your crew before hitting the bars in San Francisco’s Marina district nearby.

Venue Tip: 

Once upon a time, a group could easily wander into Presidio unannounced and stumble home after five or 10 rounds. The word is apparently out about this little gem, and now you need reservations. Be sure to make one, and it needs to be at least a day in advance.

The Good: 
Bowling pin-shaped beer bottles, a jukebox, and old school video games. Presido Bowl is a particularly good option for bad weather.
The Bad: 
Those stinky shoes they make you wear (so bring socks).
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Price: $

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes.

Reservations Needed: Yes. 

What to Bring: Bowling shoes (if you have ‘em) and a fondness for White Russians.