2238 Cotner Ave
Los Angeles
West Los Angeles
(310) 575-0660

With a name like 4Play, you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Some call it leading up to the big game; others call it a tease… that you pay $15 to get into. Without alcohol it’s even worse, (as it’s 18 and over) plus there’s strangely a two drink minimum so get ready for red bull or cola!

But this place does have redeeming qualities for your bachelor party.  The girls are quite attractive, particularly compared to your girlfriend.  They’re very nice and some would even say accommodating without being too pushy.  Plus they actually get naked, which surprisingly does not happen in all LA gentlemen’s clubs.  It’s also open til 4am on weekends, which is fairly rare.

Venue Tip: 

Best for late night after you and the crew are already hammered, as they don’t serve alcohol and are open after the bars close.

The Good: 
Open late, good talent and fun chicks.
The Bad: 
NO ALCOHOL. Um, just know this going in.
Vote Up/Down:
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Type: Nude

Alcohol: No bar

Talent: 8

Cost: $$

Music: DJ

Outdoor seating: No except for a smoking area.

Recommended Club Song: Right Round