Aqua Surf School

Aqua Surf School

2507 Main Street
Santa Monica
Santa Monica
(310) 902-7737
If you can’t surf and you come to Southern California, you’ll be like a New Yorker without an attitude or a Bostonian without a beer gut. Don’t be a fish out of water: drag your buddies to a day on the beach, learning to hang-10 and impress the chicks who will surely be watching your style as you face wipe out after wipe out. But, at the end of the day you may be able to mirror Johnny Utah from Point Break and tell your buddies “I caught my first tube today” right before the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers kick your ass for sucking so bad.

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Venue Tip: 

Catch some waves then stick around the beach and check out the local bikini talent.

The Good: 
Let’s face it, there’s no beach where you live, and if there is, it’s on a frigid lake that borders Canada. When you come to Los Angeles, do as the locals do and get gnarly.
The Bad: 
When the ocean doesn’t want to put out, you may not get the kind of waves ideal for beginner surfing. Hey, even if the sets are not ideal, it’s still the beach with your buddies.
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Price: $75 per person in groups of five or more.  And for those that know how to surf, you can just rent a board (and wetsuit if needed).

Reservations needed: Yes, call ahead.

Attire: Your freshest board shorts (no Speedos, please) and some sandals. Everything else will be provided.

Alcohol Encouraged: Los Angeles County does not allow alcohol on the beach. If you break the law, the understudies from Baywatch will thrash you.

Best way to get there: Rental car or taxi.

Time of day to go: Early afternoon. Then head to Liberty Ale House nearby afterwards.