Best Western Hollywood Hills

Best Western Hollywood Hills

6141 Franklin Ave.
(323) 464-5181
You’re laid back, don’t require staff who are hotter than the groom’s bride-to-be, and the food at a dinner in the hotel need not have a nod from a fancy guidebook written by a French tire company. You do want a great late night “Coffee Shop” in the hotel where you’re likely to see Hollywood’s coolest consuming burgers until well into the evening. You do not want to spend an arm and a leg in the process. The Best Western is your best bet in eastern Los Angeles. After a few days here you’ll say, “I never knew a hotel that received less than three dollar-signs on Bachelor10 could be so accommodating! And, that old woman outside looked just like Sarah Silverman.” It was. Oh, and this place was recently renovated, so the 1940’s wallpaper that was peeling has been replaced by the best decor the Best Western could muster (surprisingly, pretty good).

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Venue Tip: 

Eat every meal after 11pm in the coffee shop. Stick around for hours. People watch. Gawk. Socialize. It’s like going to the zoo and watching as the Los Angelinos march past as you sit transfixed.

The Good: 
Inexpensive, clean, easy, great location, friendly staff.
The Bad: 
You will score no points with your friends back in Boise when you told them you went to LA to stay in a Best Western, but hotel will be great for a weekend of debauchery.
Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

Price: $$

Good place to party? If you’re looking to start the night off with drinks in the room, yes. If you’re looking to head down to the all-night rager in the lobby, stay elsewhere.

Good place to drink at night? For happy hour, yes. After that, time to move the party.

Lively daytime pool scene? It’s clean and spacious but you’re not going to doggy-paddle with movie stars.

Close to: Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Hollywood Hills, The Birds bar, Avalon