Body Shop

Body Shop

8250 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood
(323) 656-1401

If you want to see fully nude ladies and your game isn’t working in the LA bars, then grab your crew and head to Body Shop. 

It’s in a fantastic location on Sunset in West Hollywood, so likely near your bachelor party’s hotel.  The girls are better looking than most gentlemen’s clubs, though many claim (and complain) about the lack of fakies in the house, so you’ve got a more natural gal here. There’s generally a $10 cover plus two drink minimum which isn’t uncommon.  Body Shop also seems a bit more upscale and less shady than usual, which makes you feel a little better before or after your nice steak dinner.

Sit back and enjoy.

Venue Tip: 

Dress a little more to impress here than most places and you´ll get treated better.  And don´t request the heavy metal classic ¨Girls, Girls, Girls¨ which mentions the Body Shop as Motley Crue used to frequent the joint.

The Good: 
Great location with plenty of hotties. Fully nude. Open late.
The Bad: 
No alcohol. Less silicone for those who care.
Vote Up/Down:
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Type: Nude

Alcohol: No bar

Talent: 8.5

Cost: $$

Music: DJ

Outdoor seating: No

Recommended Club Song: Satisfaction