FlightDeck Air Combat Center

FlightDeck Air Combat Center

1601 S Sunkist St.
Unit A
Orange County
(714) 937-1511

Have you ever longed to emerge from the cockpit of a fighter jet, your crew and colleagues cheering you on and lifting you off your feet, and, following your single-handed rout of the opposing fighter jets, yelling “You can be my wingman anytime”? Some of us have. And for us, there’s FlightDeck Air Combat Center. Located in a nondescript warehouse in Anaheim near Disneyland, FlightDeck will allow you and your best friends to split into teams and man a flight simulator so real that in the instruction phase you’ll wonder if they’ve mixed you up with actual pilots. But, fear not, even a child could pull a “4G inverted dive” in one of the simulators at FlightDeck. So, don’t be afraid to go ballistic.

Venue Tip: 

Share a single flight simulator with four buddies. Plan on using the simulator for about two hours. Make sure no one hogs the cockpit leading all his friends to label him a “dickpit.”

The Good: 
What could be bad about pretending to fly a fighter jet to destroy the Best Man’s swagger in a mock fighter plane that doesn’t actually leave the ground?
The Bad: 
Not everyone can operate a simulator at the same time, so you’ll have to take turns and fly in shifts.
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Price: Bachelor Party rates can be negotiated ahead of time. $50 per person for two hours should cover it.

Reservations needed: Yes, you must call ahead and make reservations.

Attire: You will be given a flight suit upon a arrival (buzz cuts are optional). So, wear shorts unless you’re afraid of chaffing.

Alcohol Encouraged: What’s the worst thing that can happen, you’ll crash and die? Unlikely when you’re basically playing a high-tech video game.

Best way to get there: Drive. You’re going to the OC so be prepared for the infamous SoCal traffic.

Time of day to go: Early afternoon. Flying with a hangover will lead to reprimand from the Bachelor, who shall henceforth be nicknamed “Maverick” - at least for the day.