Greystone Manor

Greystone Manor

643 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles
West Hollywood
(310) 652-2012

Celebs and trendy club kids and models, oh my! The latest remodel of the old Industry space, Greystone Manor has classed up the joint and dropped enough cash on music and electronics to make all of Hollywood take notice, as well as your bachelor party.

Taking a page out of the Vegas Nightclub playbook, Greystone Manor makes the DJ the center of attention, and then turns it up to 11. They proudly tout their“State-of-the-Art Funktion-One Sound System and an LED Lighting System;”whether or not that is a real thing doesn’t matter as just saying it out loud sounds baller. Add in the largest confetti cannon in the city plus Cryo-Cannons that blow cold smoke into the crowd and you’ve got pure madness on your hands.

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Venue Tip: 

The venue is small enough that a table is basically required. Any crew larger than 5 without a home base will be lost and annoyed here.

The Good: 
Celebs love it here; everybody from the LA Kings to Paris Hilton to Rihanna has partied at Greystone. A true nightclub experience, with beats and lasers and models scamming on your bottles.
The Bad: 
Like we said, the size can be somewhat of a challenge. Also among the priciest options on this list. But that’s what you pay to be in the know.
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Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Vibe: Las Vegas venue with the Los Angeles crowd

Outdoor Seating: Yes

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