Griffith Park Golf

Griffith Park Golf

4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles
(323) 663-2555

Griffith Park is known for two things: that observatory where James Dean got in a knife fight and the place where Keanu Reeves stole Paula Abdul’s heart (and, to be honest, ours too) in this odd video. But one thing locals know it for is an abundance of high quality, low-cost public golf courses. If you and the crew can’t tell a birdie from a mulligan... so what! Every bachelor party will have a blast cruising around on the course and haplessly whacking balls towards the pin under the bright sunshine surrounded by nature in all her glory. In the process, you can recreate the scene from the movie Swingers in which Mikey and Rob haplessly whack away at their love lives (full disclosure, the actual course was Los Feliz Golf Club). In short, one need not be Tiger Woods to have a great time on the greens.

Venue Tip: 

Tee off early in the morning on a weekday if possible. And, play a “skins” style match in which the losers must perform embarrassing tasks at the winners’ request at the bar late that night.

The Good: 
Harding and Wilson golf courses at Griffith Park are two of the finest public golf courses in the country.
The Bad: 
As a result of the courses’ quality and popularity, they get crowded and play can move very slowly. It’s not the end of the world if you’re not in a rush, but be prepared for amateurs to take their time. Fore!
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Price: Around $45 for either Harding or Wilson. In order to reserve a tee-time you must get a registration card, here. Don’t forget to do this, amigo.

Reservations needed: Yes, call ahead.

Attire: Golf attire: collared shirts, appropriate shoes, no jeans.

Alcohol Encouraged: Like all parks in LA, drinking is off limits. But will anyone know if you mix a little booze in your can of coke? Probably not. Will your friends hate you for getting drunk on the links? Then they aren’t your friends anyway.

Best way to get there: Rental car

Time of day to go: Early morning. Aim to tee-off no later than 9am.