Hollywood Roosevelt

Hollywood Roosevelt

7000 Hollywood Blvd
(323) 466-7000
Walk into the lobby of the Roosevelt and you better be ready to party. If you aren’t, hordes of hot 20-somethings roaming around looking for a stimulating, scintillating evening will transform even the staunchest heart of coal. The easy access to nightlife, bars, and night clubs, only a stone’s throw from you in the heart of Hollywood, will ensure you’re well socially lubricated throughout your stay and your buddies have an endless supply of stimulating, scintillating company with whom to practice more social lubrication.

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Venue Tip: 

Start off your night at Library Bar in the lobby. Then head to The Spare Room Bar or Teddy’s. Then mosey around old Hollywood. End up poolside at Tropicana Bar. Consume more drinks. Repeat.

The Good: 
The design is considered “classic” Los Angeles and is at once charming and elegant. The perfect place for you and your friends to wreak havoc.
The Bad: 
“Classic” can often mean “a tiny bit run down.” But, you’re not looking to buy a condo in the building, just use it as a home base for your adventures about town and relax. And, don’t worry, “classic” in this case means “elegant.”
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Price: $$$

Good place to party? Do not come here looking to be a wallflower. Guards will escort you from the premises.

Good place to drink at night? Definitely. The hotel bar is a destination in and of itself.

Lively daytime pool scene? Renowned. Another place in LA people come to be seen (in their bathing suits).

Close to: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood and Highland Mall, Hollywood Bowl