Hotel Erwin

Hotel Erwin

1697 Pacific Ave.
Los Angeles
Venice Beach
(310) 452-1111
Remember that scene in I Love You, Man when Jason Siegel walks his dog with Paul Rudd along the promenade? That’s, like, a block from the Hotel Erwin! You and your boys could recreate the mood from the most lovably awkward “bro-mance” in recent memory. The difference is that you’d do it in style at a cool, authentic hotel known for its laid back atmosphere and highly affordable rates. Your best friends-- and the future brother-in-law-- sip drinks from dusk to nightfall on the rooftop bar, warmed by heaters and the arms of darling girls with amazing stems and names like Tiffany as you practice your rehearsal dinner toasts to the groom... even though the wedding isn’t for another three months.

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Venue Tip: 

From 11 to 2 on Sundays bottomless cocktails are served. What’s better than a flight back to your home in Maine having recently slurped down 15 Bloody Marys in just under three hours?

The Good: 
Hotel Erwin is laid back and cool but definitely not as pretentious as other hotels with the word “The” preceding their names. For the money, the location is great and rooftop bar is unbeatable.
The Bad: 
If you’re looking for a hotel room to destroy, or the groom in your party leans closer to “d-bag” than “gentleman,” you may not like the Hotel Erwin as much as, say, a Holiday Inn. Also, Venice is a bit remote. Take that into account when planning.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$

Good place to party? Party? Depends on your definition. Drink and have a great time on the heated rooftop bar while mingling with the like-minded youth of LA? Definitely. Roasting goats in your room after gluing the furniture to the ceiling? Nope. 

Good place to drink at night? Exceptional. Rooftop bar, rooftop bar!

Lively daytime pool scene? Who needs a pool when you’re blocks from Venice Beach?

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