Jumbo´s Clown Room

Jumbo´s Clown Room

5153 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles
(323) 666-1187

Jumbo’s is probably the most interesting of the gentlemen’s clubs in LA.  Suppose it has to be with that kind of name. It’s really a dive bar (for real this time, as they can serve alcohol, including $4 drafts) with chicks dancing… in bikinis, lingerie, the occasional costume, and often without tops (remember, full nudity = no drinking).

The girls give more effort here vs. anywhere else and really put on a show, though there are NO actual lap dances.  There is also a rumor, however, that a few Thai Trannies dance here which might be the real show, so don’t fall in love too quickly (remember check the throat and hands if you have doubts).

Venue Tip: 

Bring girls here, if you can find some, as ladies seem to love the spot and will make for an intriguing night.

The Good: 
Full bar with reasonably priced beers (drinks get mixed reviews).
The Bad: 
It’s tiny so your crew might not fit. $20 minimums on credit cards but not a huge deal as the place is reasonably priced.
Vote Up/Down:
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Type: Bikini-Topless

Alcohol: Full bar

Talent: 7.5

Cost: $

Music: Juke Box

Outdoor seating: No (except smoking)

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