The Los Angeles Gun Club

The Los Angeles Gun Club

1375 East 6th Street
Los Angeles
(213) 612-0931
Unless you’re from the South (or the Midwest) you’ll probably approach the idea of firing a hand gun with some trepidation. C’mon Dirty Harry, show the Bachelor what you’re made of and pop some caps. Trust us, you’ll never be the same again. Nothing will get the Bachelor’s rocks off like target practice with the boys. But, The Los Angeles gun club is no joke and the staff regard gun safety with deadly seriousness. Show up ready to learn, pop off some rounds, and then go bungee jumping afterwards to maintain the adrenaline rush coursing through your veins.

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Venue Tip: 

Do not bring your own gun. Your friends will (probably) find that creepy and weird.

The Good: 
We’re all for gun control at Bachelor10, except when you’re on a trip with your best friends and you are aiming to blow off some steam for the weekend. In that case, shoot ‘em if you got ‘em.
The Bad: 
Do not take photos and do not post them on Facebook. The bride will (probably) not look kindly upon the future baby-daddy photographed popping off some rounds in downtown LA.
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Price: You only live once: go all out and rent the biggest gun offered and most potent bullets in stock. This package will run you about $25 for 50 rounds.

Reservations needed: Yes, call ahead.

Attire: Yellow protective glasses and a red hunting cap a la Holden Caulfield (or Elmer Fudd, your call). Black trench coats are frowned upon.

Alcohol Encouraged: If you need us to answer this question then you should not go to the Los Angeles Gun Club.

Best way to get there: Taxi.

Time of day to go: The gun club gets crowded in the early evening, so go around 4pm and fire off a few rounds. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to fire off another few “rounds” after barhopping later than night.