Plan B

Plan B

11637 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles
West Los Angeles
(310) 312-3633

After a fun day at the beach, Plan B could be your next stop for more bikini-clad beauties with bodacious beach bodies. They have a mix of styles but more often than not you’ll find buxom blondes with implants; you know, if that’s your thing.

It’s a full-service bar so don’t expect nudity. But the girls are quite attractive and there to please, go-go style.  Prices are reasonable with cover ranging from $5-15 and drinks are affordable.

Surprisingly, the food is actually pretty good, too, so if you’re famished from the day, enjoy a meal with some good scenery.  Or light up on the stogies they sell.

Venue Tip: 

Ready for a whole new set of a girls and actual nudity? Ask for complimentary rides down the road to their other joint, 4 Play, but know that fully nude = no alcohol.

The Good: 
Good looking ladies, actual alcohol, west side location if staying out there or surfing, and slightly higher end so they sell some good cigars.
The Bad: 
Not fully nude.
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Type: Bikini

Alcohol: Full bar

Talent: 7.5

Cost: $$$

Music: DJ and Music Videos

Outdoor seating: No except for smoking

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