Santa Anita Race Track

Santa Anita Race Track

285 W Huntington Drive
(626) 574-7223
This is the life: sitting back, drinking a few cold ones, watching race after race of thoroughbreds hightail it to the finish line with little people strapped to their backs hitting them with leather whips. If you can get past the anachronism you’ll be witnessing, and the clientele who range from dapper to depressing, then the Santa Anita Race Track will be a rousing good time. Note: not cool to ask which race Seabiscuit is in over and over. However, it is looked upon favorably to wear a top hat and a monocle to the race as you attempt to remember where the Kentucky Derby is held while drinking continuously.

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Venue Tip: 

Spring the extra $15 for access to the Turf Club. You’ll have to wear pants and a collar but you’ll feel like a villain from a Bond movie, as opposed to James Bond himself who, as a civil servant, is a peasant and sits in the infield.

The Good: 
Slightly ridiculous but tons of fun, watching the ponies haul ass is something you can only do on a Bachelor Party weekend. Betting is required (unofficially) and there’s no sense trying to decipher the unreadable odds sheets, so just throw your caution to the wind and hope you win an “across the board” bet.
The Bad: 
We’re hard pressed to think of a reason you and your buddies wouldn’t want to go watch the horses for a few hours while drinking and gambling.
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Price: $5 for general admission; $20 for access to the Turf Club in which you can eat and drink delectables the kitchen swears is grade A beef (and not the loser of the Four Race).

Reservations needed: Not if you don’t mind a cheap seat.

Attire: In the Turf Club, you should look sharp. General admission, come as you please.

Alcohol Encouraged: Of course, it’s the ponies!

Best way to get there: Rental car.

Time of day to go: The best races happen in the early afternoon, but you and your buddies could care less if you see the best horses as long as those stallions move like lightning. So, go in the early afternoon, stay for a few hours, then take off for greener pastures.