Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island

320 Golden Shore
Long Beach
Long Beach
(800) 481-3470

Paradise off the coast of paradise (if you consider the endless supply of strip malls in Los Angeles idyllic), that’s what Santa Catalina Island is known for. A quaint, calm island only an hour and change away from Long Beach by boat, there’s a lot to do on Catalina and a Bachelor Party could make an entire trip out of this destination. But a day trip is just as good as the island has everything you’d need to fill your time, from sports to food to sight-seeing. Split off into groups or pick an activity and partake together. No matter what you do in Catalina Island, you’ll return to LA feeling refreshed and ready for an evening of debauchery (following a nap).

Venue Tip: 

After hiking and the beach, head to Landing Bar & Grill on Marilla Ave. in Avalon (the hub of Catalina Island). Save your appetite for dinner that night in LA, but the drinks are just what the doctor ordered as respite from the sun.

The Good: 
A warm, relaxing day exploring a favorite spot off the coast of Los Angeles. Hike, drink, eat, kayak, golf, swim, and more. Santa Catalina Island is always a good time.
The Bad: 
You’re stuck on an island and can’t get back for a few hours. Some people might find that less than exciting and yearn to return to the urban sprawl of the city. We pity them.
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Price:  $15 for parking, $66.50 round trip per person ($80 per person if you want to sit in the Commodore Lounge)

Reservations needed: Yes, call ahead.

Attire: Shorts, T-shirts, and a hoodie.

Alcohol Encouraged: Save your drinking for the Island. Boats and booze can be a poor combination.

Best way to get there: Take the fast car to the slow boat, sit back and relax.

Time of day to go: You’ll want to spend the entire day on Catalina so hop on the 10am trip. The ride is about an hour and a quarter, so spend the day maxing and relaxing on Catalina then head back on the 6pm ride.