SC Village Paintball Park

SC Village Paintball Park

8900 McCarty Road
San Bernadino County
(949) 489-9000

Nothing says fun and bonding like giving the Best Man two to the chest and one to the head repeatedly over the course of a Southern California afternoon. Paintball is the ultimate rush that doesn’t involve Call of Duty and your XBOX (it’s almost as good, though). Split into teams and try to pick off each member of the bridal party one by one, shedding your spite and jealousy for not haven been asked to be on their team and given a title. Revenge is a dish best served in form painful little pellets of green paint. SC Village Paintball Park is one of the premier courses on the West Coast, so come ready to play. Extra points if you purchase a full camouflage body suit from one of the nearby vendors who service the park.

Venue Tip: 

Bring you own water and food. Running around in the hot sun with face masks, armor (yes, armor), and full body suits will render you helpless if you’re not properly hydrated. There is food here, but it’s cheaper and easier to stop at a 7-11 and stock up beforehand.

The Good: 
The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They do not want anyone to get hurt, so they will ensure a safe, fun environment for all. You may leaved with a bruised ego though.
The Bad: 
Paintball has been known to bring out the inner psycho in some. Have you ever seen two best friends fighting after a close-range shot to the dome? We have. It ain’t pretty.
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Price: Choose Package C from the Group Packages on the website: all day air, all day entry, gun, mask: $43 per person.

Reservations needed: Yes, call ahead.

Attire: Pants and a long sleeve shirts. Bring clothes that can be damaged without you worrying. White shirts are discouraged. You’ll look like a Jackson Pollock painting by the end of the day.

Alcohol Encouraged: One more time: do not shoot guns of any kind while intoxicated. The pros save their drinking for later on, when they can discuss how bad they totally owned the Best Man.

Best way to get there: Rental Car. Chino is about an hour away from Santa Monica.

Time of day to go: Aim to get there by 11am and get back to your hotel by 4pm in time for happy hour. Five hours shelling your friends with little hard balls of paint will be more than enough.