Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel

1301 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica
Santa Monica
(310) 399-9344
The Shangri-La just underwent a $30 million renovation to compliment its art deco South Beach-style decor. Terrific, you say, but how’s the scene? Again, terrific. This is possibly the most well-rounded hotel in Santa Monica on this list. The Shangri-La has the style of a hotstpot frequented by demure guests who sip drinks by the pool in miniskirts and designer jeans. But don’t be fooled, there’s nothing hoity-toity about the Shangri-La despite its name. This is a great place to see and be seen and the rooms are an excellent haven in which to rest your head after a day spent exploring the finest watering holes and taco stands LA has to offer.

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Venue Tip: 

Ask for a beach-front room with views of Santa Monica Bay. Yes, you and your weekend roommate might not be interested in staring into the great expanse with glasses of red wine, but at least the sound of waves will wake you the next day when you arise at 4pm.

The Good: 
Great place to have a smaller party in a cool area of town that won’t break your bank.
The Bad: 
Like any Los Angeles hotel, one sacrifices speed and efficiency for a locale in which the drinks flow since you’re at ground zero for off-the-hook parties.
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Price: $$$

Good place to party? It’s Santa Monica. In an art deco hotel. With a roof bar. Duh.

Good place to drink at night? Yes, grab a drink by the pool then stumble on over to the beach to be awoken by a lifeguard who looks more like David Hasselhoff than Pamela Anderson.

Lively daytime pool scene? Definitely, though the pool is on the smaller side. Get there early to claim a chair (and do not refer to a chair a chaise lounge).

Close to: The Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade