3388 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles
Culver City
(310) 838-7546

Skin is a mixed bag.

Fortunately it’s fully nude, but unfortunately this means there’s no alcohol.  If you’re 18-20 years old this works out well; but if you’re the usual bachelor party group, then it gets dicey so prepare in advance. There’s a $15-20 cover and the non-alcoholic drinks are way more expensive than they should be, but at least the girls work the room - and you - so they’re trying hard. 

The talent ranges all over the map and while there is some hanky panky, you’ll usually pay out the wazoo for it, including buying a girl a $10 drink (which you should watch out for and generally not do unless she “really likes you”). But for some reason, this place seems to generate some great stories - just go and you’ll see. 

Venue Tip: 

Before going, look up short-term promotions for free lap dances (eg, a recent one was: “Text SkinClubLA to 59925 to get a free lap dance!” or you can get on the $12 cover list by calling in advance.)

The Good: 
Open late night and things tend to get interesting here.
The Bad: 
No alcohol and no TV. Hit or miss (and often miss).
Vote Up/Down:
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Type: Nude

Alcohol: No bar

Talent: 7

Cost: $$$

Music: DJ

Outdoor seating: Nope

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