17871 Castleton Street
City of Industry
Orange County
(626) 913-9663

I feel the need, the need for speed! Cruise on over to Speedzone and then cruise a bit faster. Challenge your buddies to go-karts, drag racing, slick track, and even mini golf (note, do not play mini golf at your friend’s Bachelor Party unless drinking heavily). Think of Speedzone as a Disney Land for those that prefer cars over flying toads. Hours of fun are sure to be had as you battle for first place, only to realize that you absolutely have to let the Bachelor win or risk losing your spot as an usher in the wedding ceremony. You do not want to lose your usher position. Chicks dig ushers.

Venue Tip: 

Find a friend, fork over $15, and race best of three in the Top Eliminator Dragsters. 0 to 70 MPH in less than four seconds? Hell yeah!

The Good: 
Nothing will send the groom off into (the safety and boredom of) his marriage like his pals reminding him that minivans don’t corner as well as go-karts.
The Bad: 
Speedzone is in Orange County, so it’s about 45 minutes away from Los Angeles without traffic.
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Price: $39.99 for three hours of racing

Reservations needed: It’s recommended you call ahead for group discounts and availability.

Attire: Fellow patrons will be 11 years-old, however you may want to dress to impress their OC moms.

Alcohol Encouraged: Clearly you weren’t a member of S.A.D.D in high school. Shame on you for asking.

Best way to get there: Pile your crew into a few rental cars, blast KROC on the radio, and cruise east on highway 10, over to the 60, and you’re there.

Time of day to go: More than three hours here and you’ll be ready to crash-- no pun intended. Plan to arrive at noon and get back to LA by 5pm in time to take a pre-dinner nap.