1819 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica
Santa Monica
(310) 260-7500

The Viceroy is uber-chic. Your friends back in Kansas will not have heard of it, but your buddy who moved to LA after college to become an (adult) star will be very impressed you actually slept in a room a block from the Santa Monica beach. He’ll be even more impressed when you tell him you put on your coolest jeans and headed to the lobby after dark for drinks with girls who looked like models, but were really just stockbrokers. Thankfully, the Viceroy is elegant yet fun. Cameo Bar is lively every night and if you’re lucky, you may even be able to take one of the hip-hop star-priced cars parked out front for a spin, Ferris Bueller style.

Venue Tip: 

Rooms sport Italian bathrobes and linens. Coincidentally, your girlfriend back home loves Italian threads. And gifts.

The Good: 
On Fridays and Saturdays the pool becomes a night club and a DJ mans the decks until the unholy hours have come and gone. Oh yeah, your room is right upstairs.
The Bad: 
If your group is looking for a low-key place to crash in between day trips around and outside LA, the Viceroy is not the place for you-- it’s a destination unto itself after dark.
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Price: $$$

Good place to party? The Viceroy is classy, make no mistake, but partying with class is required for stay.

Good place to drink at night? Gorgeous, newly renovated lobby and bar is a great place to meet girls who may or may not diss you based on the kind of car you drive. Hondas aren’t as cool in LA as they are in your hometown of Tampa Bay.

Lively daytime pool scene? Words commonly used to describe the Viceroy’s pool include “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” and “oh mama!”

Close to: The Santa Monica Beach, Third Street Promenade, Aqua Surf School