W Hotel

W Hotel

6250 Hollywood Blvd
(323) 798-1300
W Hotels are not of one of a kind, but they’re high class without a doubt. When you arrive at a W, you know you’re in for a lobby teeming with a range of stylish businesspeople mingling with others who came just to enjoy the atmosphere and people watch. Every W captures a mood belonging to the area of town in which it sits. This W, the Hollywood version, captures the effortless cool of the neighborhood, wrapped up in a modern, swanky package as well as any hotel in Los Angeles. Your friends will definitely enjoy themselves. Who wouldn’t have a great time with Drai’s Club on the roof: a place where even the groom’s 16 year-old younger brother can score... if he can just make it past the legions of bouncers at the door.

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Venue Tip: 

Complimentary rides with driver if you are staying at the hotel and need to go within a four mile radius. Note: driver does not wear a cap or call you “sir”.

The Good: 
Clean, stylish rooms with stellar service allowing you and your friends to test the notion that the customer is always right.
The Bad: 
Staying at a W hotel is like ordering a burger from In-N-Out Burger: it’ll be great experience every time but you won’t necessarily get an authentic experience out of the trip.
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Price: $$$

Good place to party? Very, especially if you stay near near the top of the hotel near Drai’s Rooftop Club.

Good place to drink at night? It’s a W. Have you never been to a W? If not, I say good day to you, sir (but, to be clear, the answer is yes, it’s a great place to drink).

Lively daytime pool scene? Yes, on the rooftop. Good news is the pool is relatively shallow so if you fall in with your clothes on you probably won’t drown.

Close to: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bowl, The Music Box, Palladium, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles